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Yoga Sadhana
Integral Yoga Centre


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Meditation, prayer, selfless service and study.


Monday evening meditation

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have created a collective yoga. Hence the importance of service, co-operation, community and creativity. Our spiritual family has always preferred a heart-centred approach to Sadhana, and we have always been primarily a meditation group rather than a discussion group. Since we have begun weekly meditations at 72 Bond Street, we can feel that our meditation room is a place where powerful blessings fill the atmosphere each time we come together. We play spiritual music at each meditation, because it speaks to and brings forward the spiritual heart. At the end of the meditation, which lasts about 40 minutes, there is a reading from the writings of Sri Aurobindo, or the Mother, and a short talk by the centre leader, arising out of the reading. Then we adjourn to the meeting room for tea, cookies and informal socializing.

Our study group sessions are always preceded by 20 to 30 minutes of meditation as well. We are approaching the Integral Yoga through a series of specially selected texts which are distributed to each person at the beginning of the meeting. The text for the week is read and discussed, and we close with a short meditation.

The requirements for being a member of the Integral Yoga Centre in Lindsay are, firstly, a commitment to meditate daily; secondly, a commitment to attend meditation at the Centre at least once weekly; thirdly, a commitment to study the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother regularly, and to try to live the teaching; and lastly, a commitment to share responsibility for the material upkeep of the Centre. We also encourage all of the members to bring forward questions or concerns for discussion, since good communication builds good community.

The centre leader, Roger Calverley, purchased 72 Bond Street for use as a Spiritual Centre in 2001. He has studied and practised the Integral Yoga since 1974, and has been invited to lecture on meditation at various universities and other venues in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. He lived in Thailand and started a meditation centre in Chiangmai Thailand, where he taught university for 5 years. He composes meditative music for the celtic harp, and has produced a number of CD's. He is also a poet, an author with 6 books in print, and an avid painter in watercolour and oil.