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Integral Yoga Centre


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In February of 2002, Roger travelled to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, carrying the photographs of each of the members of the Integral Yoga Centre. Each member of the Centre wrote a few words of aspiration and gratitude on the back of his or her photograph, sending symbolically a part of themselves, a dedication and a consecration to the spiritual life. These pictures were placed on the samadhi by Roger as an act of collective dedication.
The words of gratitude and aspiration from the members of our small spiritual family represent our oneness-heart, which is growing in the light and guidance of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. What follows are some of the soulful words which our members have sent to our spiritual parents. We hope they inspire you to discover these same flames of love and dedication, as you read on....

1) "Mother and Sri Aurobindo, I am grateful to have what I need and not what I want. My aspiration is to become more peaceful and giving of myself." LS

2) "Holy Mother, Sri Aurobindo : I am so very grateful for your Presence in my life. My aspiration is to become, and then remain open to your Gentle Guidance." CS

3) "I am gratefully aspire to know more, be more and try more! Thank you for knowing, being and helping. I open myself to You. Help me see the Light, know the Light and be the Light. I am grateful for all I have been given, all I have known and all of the love that surrounds me. I aspire to love more, Be near me and guide me, always, please, Mother." CK

4) " My thanks to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother for allowing me to follow Your Path. I aspire to be able to fulfil your expectations of me." EW

5) "Dearest Mother, Let Thy fires burn in me. Let your name be on my lips all my days and nights. Awaken in me a steadfast will, ardent and unceasing that I may serve you always, and remember always, through this life and all lives to come that You are the only Light to which I aspire, remaining ever open to Your Call." JS

6) "Thank you for placing before me a vision of the Highest, toward which I can aspire and progress. Grant that I may surrender my outer ego, discover my true Self, and Love Thee in Fullness. Thank You!" GC

7) "I am extremely grateful for being on this path as I want to become a better person in this world and get rid of all the unnecessary desires. I believe that studying the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother helps me to see these qualities and it is easy for me to get rid of them. I will continue to strive and aspire to grow in Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's light." MR

8) "I am very grateful to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for your blessings, and I aspire to grow in peace of mind and contentment of spirit." ML

9) "I am very grateful for the stillness and peace and the interconnectedness to the divine. My aspiration is to grow in deeper and deeper communion with the Divine. " GK

10) "I am truly grateful for the sense of stability and focus I am gaining in my spiritual life. I aspire to grow spiritually and gain a better understanding of my spiritual Self. " RW

11) "I am grateful for a greater peace and renewed hope. I want to understand more fully my spiritual Self, my Divine Self, and to advance in my spiritual life more." SW

12) "To the Mother Divine and to Sri Aurobindo, I am extremely grateful for the call, the opportunity, the Light, the Love, the Grace and Blessing which come in such unmistakable abundance. My heart's aspiration is to become a true, surrendered child of the Divine in my spiritual Mother and Father in this life." RC